Digital Society envisions a super-smart society. Technological advances in big data and new analytics, internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotic and digital commerce are incorporated into every industry and lives of individuals in this new society. We connect to each other and switch the traditional focus from locations to interactions. New products and value-added services are created as personalised solutions for better human life. Digital technologies are main drivers of economic growth and improvement in quality of life.

Enriching lives through digital

Prof. Dr. Lai Ming Ming

Professor, Faculty of Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chew Kok Wai

Associate Professor, Faculty of Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Siow Hooi

Associate Professor, Faculty of Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. David Yong Gun Fie

Associate Professor, Faculty of Management

Prof. Dr. Elsadig Musa Ahmed

Professor, Faculty of Business

Dr. Siti Zaharah binti Jamaluddin

Professional, Faculty of Engineering & Technology

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nahariah Jaffar
  • Dr. Arnifa Binti Semawi @ Asmawi
  • Dr. Chan Kok Thim
  • Dr. Chinnasamy Agamudai Nambi Malarvizhi
  • Dr. Manique Cooray
  • Dr. Ong Sue Lyn
  • Dr. Patrick Soh Chin Hooi
  • Dr. Rathimala Kannan
  • Dr. Tan Khong Sin
  • Dr. Yuen Yee Yen
  • Dr. Chong Lee Lee
  • Dr. Nguyen Lan
  • Dr. Norhazlin Ismail
  • Dr. Tan Siow Kian
  • Dr. Bahma Sivasubramaniam
  • Chin Tee Suan
  • Dr. Adedapo Oluwaseyi Ojo
  • Dr. Chong Choy Yoke
  • Dr. Junainah Mohd Mahdee
  • Dr. Kwan Jing Hui
  • Dr. Low Jing Hong
  • Dr. Noor Ashikin Binti Mohd Rom
  • Dr. Yvonne Lee Lean Ee
  • Dr. Choon Shay Wei
  • Elaine Ang Hwee Chin
  • Elizabeth Marshall
  • Fajrul Norman Rashid
  • Hazrina
  • Jaya Ganesan
  • Mohd Izwardi Mohd Yusoff
  • Nur Azyyati Ahmad
  • Nurbani Md. Hassan
  • Pook Sow Yee
  • Siti Marshita binti Mahyut
  • Sun Cha Chee
  • Vincent Oh
  • Wendy Teoh Ming Yen
  • Yap Yee Ling
  • Ahmad Fahim bin Robani
  • Goh Wei Wei
  • Lilian Anthonysamy
  • Noradzilah Ismail
  • Mohd Hairul Anuar Razak
  • Thiba Naraina Chetty
Digital Identity
eGovernance, eServices (healthcare, education), Integration of digital identity, Identity theft, Privacy
Super- Smart Society
Digital literacy, Internet of things, Smart cities, Digital lifestyle, Digital quality of life, Antisocial behaviour, Power and green
technologies, Digital engagement
Digital Commerce
Fintech, eBusiness, New economic models and innovation, Digital marketing, Sharing economy, Customer experience, 020 commerce

Asia International Multidisciplinary Conference (AIMC 2017), UTM
Best Presenter Award
Pang Mary
Lai Ming Ming
Chong Lee Lee