We are prudent and resourceful.

Tough economic times and reduced government funding of university research has necessitated certain shifts in the acquisition and utilization of financial and other resources. Greater efficiency in capital expenditure management, inter-university sharing of research goals, materials and apparatus, and a general trend toward “doing more with less” now characterize much contemporary research activity. Researchers have learned, in recent years, to become “stingier” and more economical in how they plan and carry out their work. This has led to savings.

But, often that has not been enough. And it has been important to go beyond traditional sources of university research support. Entering into agreements with corporate partners or communities has led to new vistas for studying the pressing issues of the day, still maintaining strict principles of scientific objectivity and research ethics.

In many cases, the research undertaken through organizations like our Digital Futures Research Hub offers considerable potential for commercialization. Or our experts are able to assist non-academic organizations through consultancy or contract research aimed at production or efficiency outcomes. Proof of concept research, product development and marketing feasibility studies can all be outsourced to organizations such as the Digital Futures Research Hub.

If you represent an organization with a research focus, or even a problem you would like to tackle, please think of us. There could be exciting opportunities for us to partner with regard to resource sharing or through your investment in our research pursuits. If you see any concepts in these web-pages that you feel merit your support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Cross Border Knowledge Transfer (FRGS Funding)
  • Employees’ engagement in firm’s Green IT strategy (FRGS Funding)
  • Different Modalities of Remote and Autonomous Sensing for Decision Making Towards Improving Societal Wellbeing of Smart Cities Communities (GLU Funding)
  • Rapid appraisal of selected industry in Sarawak (MMU Business School)
  • Industry 4.0 for SMEs (MOE - FRGS Grant)
  • Design and development of a collaborative reminder aid system for elderly (MOE- PRGS Grant Scheme)
  • Disaster management AI application of geophysical disastrous factors (Microsoft fund proposal)
  • Knowledge Sharing on Disaster Management with Experts, First Responder and NGOs (Research Institute Funding)
  • Online Youth Volunteerism:" an MMU experience (Special Fund - MMU)
  • Share. Shine and Connect: Digitizing 3D Embroidery Infographic Maps for Urban Informatics at Public Spaces (Special Fund - MMU)
  • 3D Digitisation of Tangible Culture Heritage Assets for Shaping Future Smart Townships in Malaysia (Special Fund - MMU)
  • How to Improve Usability and UX for Touchless Hand Gesture interaction (Special Fund - MMU)
  • 21st Century skills for young adults in learning cities (Special Fund - MMU)
  • Mobile Application for Waste Management Training Via Gamification Framework (Special Fund - MMU)
  • ISO 14000 Performance assessment applocation for companies based on model testing in Manufacturing Companies (Special Fund - MMU)
  • Health Media and Content Design and Development (UNHCR - consultancy)
  • ISO EMS - environmental management system (University PG research)
  • Social media for environment awareness (University PG research)
  • Visualisation of 15th century Melaka (University PG research)
  • Mobile KM Application - usage intention (University PG research)
  • Inter-organizational knowledge transfer (University PG research)
  • Cyberjaya Creative Space / Mileu (University PG research)
  • Understanding the incentive and barriers in developing green building in Malaysia (University PG research)
  • Effect of Six Sigma on productivity improvement and process innovation through firm’s absorptive capacity (University PG research)
  • Sustainable energy - Cooling of Photo-voltaic solar panels (University PG research)
  • Knowledge barriers in resource management agencies (University PG research)
  • Aging population - Behavior of fluid in artificial hip joint. (University PG research)
  • Primary healthcare management in disasters (University PG research)
  • Work - family conflict, Job Satisfaction and Performance (University PG research)
  • Culture and Heritage - 3D scanning/metadata (University PG research)
  • Benevolence Leadership (University PG research)
  • Customer relations management and KM (University PG research)
  • KM in HRM (University PG research)
  • Digital Reconstruction / Historical artist interpretation (University PG research)
  • Modelling of retirement satisfaction index for improving wellbeing in Malaysia (FRGS Funding)
  • Enhancing the adoption of virtual payment services for Fintech among B40 for societal wellbeing (FRGS Funding)
  • Monte Carlo Simulation of Hole Injection Efficiency at Hetero-interface in GaN/AlGaN Thin Heterojunction Avalanche Photodiodes (FRGS Funding)
  • Modelling Agropreneurship Intention Towards Elevating Income of B40 Group (FRGS Funding)
  • Modelling Innovative Capability among Malaysian SMEs (FRGS Funding)
  • A Model of Workplace Deviant Behaviour in the Malaysian Hotel Industry (FRGS Funding)
  • An enhanced 'sense of place' framework for the sustainability of cultural / heritage tourism (FRGS Funding)
  • Biodiversity, Tourism and Governance (FRGS Funding)
  • An Employee Retention Framework with Workplace Spirituality for Job-Hopping Prevention amongst the Gen Y (FRGS Funding)
  • An Employee Retention Framework with Workplace Spirituality for Job-Hopping Prevention amongst the Gen Y (FRGS Funding)
  • Japanese-style mobile trading in Malaysia: Opportunities and Challenges (Sumitomo Foundation)
  • The role of employee behaviour on information system artefact to enhance organisational resilience (Research Institute Funding)
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment management in Cyberjaya, Malaysia: public awareness, knowledge and sense of responsibility (Research Institute Funding)
  • A Framework for a Youth Knowledge Workers’ Talent and Career Path Management Portal for Malaysia (Research Institute Funding)
  • Is Gamification Really Effective in increasing knowledge and empathy? (Research Institute Funding)
  • Social Enterprise Mobile Application Development (Research Institute Funding)
  • Challenges in implementing flexible work arrangements (FWA): A case study of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (Research Institute Funding)