Innovative learning with EQUAD : 21st century learning with MILE, mPatches and DARE projects.


The EQUAD (Engage, Enhance, Empower and Enjoy) Learning Initiative consisted of 3 Telekom Malaysia (TM) R&D Berhad funded projects (MILE, mPatches and DARE) that were developed to facilitate the learning process among learners by utilising available and accessible technology. The MILE Project is a student-centred learning environment that integrates the use of Web 2.0 tools with effective pedagogy for engaging student learning experiences for project-based, collaborative and problem-solving learning. The mPatches Project was developed for deeper understanding via microlearning modules on mobile devices, and the DARE (Digital Augmented Reality Environments) Project created an AR-based environment for more experiential learning.

The EQUAD Initiative has been a working model since 2010 in Multimedia University. Student results have shown improved learning and high motivation levels, with learning outcomes that are significantly measurable and attainable.

Status : Completed
Prof. Dr. Neo Mai
  • Ts. Heidi Tan Yeen-Ju