Locative art and its aesthetic quality


Have you ever wondered how artists get their inspiration for their pieces? Some are inspired by their thoughts and social interactions. Some are inspired by what they see, hear, feel and touch – through their senses. Some are inspired by their surroundings. The emergence of the term “locative art” looks into this – artists who make use of locations for their masterpieces. A mundane and boring image of a
GPS location can be transcribed into different meanings and transformed into a creative work of art. This project looks into early sightings of an emerging cultural sensibility: the expanding tendency to emphasize the geographic locale as a cause-and-effect reasoning, motivation, and inspiration for understanding and responding to conditions of the present moment. It also aims to provide a new context in which media art is interpreted through the examination of geographical proximity of media
and the media users – and in turn to elucidate the wider aesthetic implications of the ‘locativeness’ in media art.

Status : On-Going
Dr. Lim Kok Yoong