Machine vision module for mobile robots


The world of robotics and computing is evolving so fast that we can hardly keep up with all the latest innovative creations – all in the name of simplifying how we live and manage our lives. One of these inventions is giving ‘vision’ to computing and robotic devices. Machine vision, or computer vision is the art and science of allowing the computer to ‘see’ or perceive the environment through images captured on a camera. So basically, instead of just having the ability to detect and capture objects and images, the machine goes beyond that by allowing computers and robots to recognize color objects and shapes in the environment, detect obstacles in the path of a robot, detect movement, perform facial recognition and many more. This project aims to come up with a system that is physically small and low-power, such that it can be mounted on a small mobile robot or flying robot.

Status : On-Going
Ir. Prof. Dr. Fabian Kung Wai Lee