Online reviews! Online product discussions! These are what customers will look for before they actually purchase a product or service. How can businesses utilise this to their advantage? Ask anyone and they will say that what they read on social media will have an impact on their decision-making process. All these reviews do not only benefit customers but also companies. How is this so? By reading all the online discussions, businesses will have an idea of their customers’ preferences – thus enabling them to better meet their customers’ needs. Mining the ocean of data is not only a daunting process but proves to be rather difficult since there are no mining tools for the Malay language. This where TelSense comes in. It’s the first MALAY data analytics tool suited for the Malaysian context. It will help Telekom to leverage customers’ opinions expressed in the form of Malay textual data in social media. It also helps to improve the quality of the products and services, and to introduce new products and services based on
the market demand.

Status : Completed
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kalaiarasi
Jaya Kumar
  • Comparison of Stochastic and Rule-Based POS Tagging on Malay Online Text
  • The Generation of Malay Lexicon