Vertical Logistics IOT and Applications


Our research encompass on future technological requirement for vertical solutions, encompassing utility, oil and gas, logistics, retail, health, education and manufacturing. Our focus mainly on connectivity and application related research. For example; Vertical logistics consist not only land transportation, but encompassing air, port and also sea. Gone are the days where 1mbps on sea or air are considered a luxury. With automation, Internet of things (IOT) and personal connectivity between users, enterprises and mainland, tremendous changes in technological is expected to cater for logistics. Terminology like fiber on the sky or 4G on sea or even offshore integrated operation will require new ways of thinking for connecting this remote sites with a lot of business potentials. Vertical solution for O&G requires the understanding of O&G integrated operations, for downstream and upstream. Business drivers can be separated into people, process and technology. For people, the requirement for technology improvement are needed in areas such as collaboration tools and business tools. For process, mobility solutions and IOT will definitely improving the process such remote expert, remote monitoring and operation and information availability. For technology, real time data management and analytics are necessary to improve overall business in O&G.