Mindful Living in a Digital Society

Are you “on” 24/7? In a digital world that may be digital-over-connectivity, one might consciously or unconsciously suffers from digital overload or digital addition that may be harmful to people’s health, mental fitness and happiness. Inspired from my recent reading of Unplugged: How to live mindfully in a digital world by Orianna Fielding, it is interesting to know more on how one can practise mindfulness and some simple digital detoxing to help to restore the balance with our digital devices.

Why not starting your day with some 3-minutes mindfulness practises such as mindful breathing, mindful walking, cloud meditation, immerse yourself in nature, unitask rather than multi-tasking, diary gratitude or thoughts writing and more that would help one to bring back to herself and himself.

By embracing internet gateway and digital connectivity, one is able to connect to the world with flexible access of information and services 24 hours a day 7 days a week anywhere and anytime. Nonetheless, one still needs take charge of our life and health by finding a workable balance between our digital connectivity and our real-life. Take a break from over-consumption of digital media and unplugging for a while may make spaces in our real life. Let’s enjoy the mindful living, and to be fully present.