Synthetic Aperture Radar Development in Multimedia University

Radar is the abbreviation for “Radio Detection and Ranging”. It operates by radiating electromagnetic energy through a transmitting antenna and [...]

Mindful Living in a Digital Society

Are you “on” 24/7? In a digital world that may be digital-over-connectivity, one might consciously or unconsciously suffers from digital [...]

Beginner’s Guide For Designing Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber optic sensors have been found useful in many applications. This technology has distinct advantages over other competing technologies, which [...]

Education is Life itself

John Dewey (1897) famously suggested that “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. This saying rings loud [...]

The Key Technologies Behind 5G Networks

5G is emerging to provide next-generation of mobile Internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliability than 4G networks. 5G [...]

Experiencing Youth Volunteerism Seminar

Digital Cities Research Institute, in collaboration with FCM Staff Welfare Committee, and few NGOs organized a half-day volunteerism seminar on [...]