Enhanced CNN Based Super Pixel Classification for Automated Wound Area Segmentation

ABSTRACT With the increasing prevalence rate of diabetes and obesity worldwide, chronic wounds are becoming a significant burden for world health and economy. The treatment of [...]

Economic and environmental sustainability through green composting: A study among low-income households

ABSTRACT Climate change hinders economic growth across the globe, whereas green products and/or the adoption of green practices can effctively [...]

Microfinance services and socio-economic welfare of urban households in Sabah, Malaysia

ABSTRACT This study examines the impact of microfinance services on the socio-economic welfare of urban households in Sabah, which is [...]

The impact of microfinance programs on monetary poverty reduction: Evidence from Sudan

ABSTRACT Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of microfinance programs sponsored by Sudanese microfinance institutions [...]

The effects of services by microfinance institutions on the Welfare of Urban Households in Malaysia

ABSTRACT The primary aim of this paper is to investigate the impact of financial (microcredit and microinsurance) and nonfinancial services [...]

Innovative learning with EQUAD : 21st century learning with MILE, mPatches and DARE projects.

ABSTRACT The EQUAD (Engage, Enhance, Empower and Enjoy) Learning Initiative consisted of 3 Telekom Malaysia (TM) R&D Berhad funded projects [...]

Inorganic Filler Sizes Effect on Ionic Conductivity in Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) Composite Polymer Electrolyte

ABSTRACT In the present work, the effect of inorganic fillers with different particle sizes on the composite polymer electrolytes consist [...]

Design of a single-ended energy efficient data-dependent-write-assist dynamic (DDWAD) SRAM cell for improved stability and reliability

ABSTRACT In this modern day and age, people have become more concerned with gadgets, equipment or tools that are efficient [...]

Fabrication and Characterization of Polymer Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

ABSTRACT The PEO−EC−LiCF 3 SO 3 −Al 2 O 3 battery with the high ionic conductivity of 2.970 × 10 [...]

Glove-Based Approach to On-line Signature Verification

ABSTRACT Data glove is a new dimension in the field of virtual reality environments, initially designed to satisfy the stringent [...]

Gait Recognition for Automated Visual Surveillance and Security

ABSTRACT The security of high-privileged premises like self-service bank and company safety vault is very crucial. In reality, many robberies [...]

Evolutionary Computing Model for DNA Sequences

ABSTRACT In this project, an evolutionary-computing model is developed to deal with a genotyping task for Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), which [...]

Machine vision module for mobile robots

ABSTRACT The world of robotics and computing is evolving so fast that we can hardly keep up with all the [...]

Living Plants Based Energy Harvesting to Power up Low Power Devices

ABSTRACT When we talk about energy harvesting, we think about solar panels. We have never imagined that energy can be [...]

Living a cashless lifestyle

ABSTRACT As the society and world we live in become more and more IT savvy, everything we do or say [...]

High capacity multi colored code system

ABSTRACT This project describes the development of multi colored code. The main objective is to develop a code which has [...]

Extent and Determinants of Intellectual Capital Disclosures by Top Listed Companies in Malaysia

ABSTRACT This paper examined the extent of intellectual capital disclosures and the determinants of such disclosures by the Malaysian companies. [...]

Context-aware Ontological Hybrid Recommender System For IPTV

ABSTRACT With the huge growing amount of information continuously produced, shared and available online, finding relevant and beneficial contents or [...]

Disclosure choices, corporate characteristics and compliance with IFRS practice statement management commentary

ABSTRACT In this study, we used 100 largest listed companies data from Malaysia to investigate to what extent these companies [...]

The Learning of Chinese idioms through Multimedia Storytelling

ABSTRACT A non-Chinese native speaker walks out of her class feeling proud that she has learnt Chinese idioms today. She [...]

The DARE Project: Bridging the gap between the physical and online classroom with AR

ABSTRACT The idea for this project came naturally after having spent several years working on various research projects to create [...]

Engage, Enhance, Empower, Enjoy: The MILE Project

ABSTRACT Learning should be fun and exciting. Being bounded to a desk situated between the four walls of a traditional [...]


ABSTRACT Online reviews! Online product discussions! These are what customers will look for before they actually purchase a product or [...]

Mobile Technology and Ageing

ABSTRACT Imagine this: A teenage boy tells his 65-year old father, “Waze your way here. You won’t get lost,” or [...]

Locative art and its aesthetic quality

ABSTRACT Have you ever wondered how artists get their inspiration for their pieces? Some are inspired by their thoughts and [...]

Ubiquitous Sentinel

ABSTRACT “Ubiquitous” = found everywhere. “Sentinels” = Guard whose job is to stand and keep watch. Street lights in urban [...]

Creative Media for Health Education

ABSTRACT If you walk in the streets today, you are bound to bump into people who have, one time or [...]

Grading and Histoscoring of Breast Carcinoma: Bringing Machine Intelligence to Malaysian Histopathology Research

ABSTRACT Digital pathology is the management and interpretation of pathology information in a digital environment that enables better, faster and [...]

Vertical Logistics IOT and Applications

ABSTRACT Our research encompass on future technological requirement for vertical solutions, encompassing utility, oil and gas, logistics, retail, health, education [...]

High voltage and grounding systems

ABSTRACT Grounding systems are important for use in utilities, telecommunication systems, industries and buildings. In addition, the present day equipment [...]

Fiber Optic Sensors – Multiplexing Overlapped Spectra

ABSTRACT Fiber optic sensors are made of a length of cylindrical glass or plastic with a diameter of merely around [...]

Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Channel Sounding, Estimation, and Beamforming for 5G

ABSTRACT This project addresses the problem of characterizing the wideband millimeter-wave channel in bad weather, especially during rain, in a [...]